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The Girls



Spunky Rock N Lil
Spice Girl

5-1/2 lbs - Red Sable
spotted on white - long coat

Posh is out of Bindi & Rodeo.
This is a super friendly, happy girl!

 Spunky Bejeweled Bindi

6-1/2 lbs - Black & Tan
spotted on white - smooth coat

Bindi is out of Joy & HotRod. She is the most energetic of the group and loves to run, run, run! 

Spunky Tropical Fury

4 lbs - Fawn w/white - smooth coat

Fury is out of Snapple & Dante (outside stud). Fury is a sweet girl.  She prefers the company of her litter sister Storm and will wrestle & play all day.

Spunky Tropical Storm

4 lbs - Fawn Sable w/white - smooth coat

Storm is also out of Snapple & Dante (outside stud). She is very selective with her attention and affection...if you get a kiss, you are GOLDEN!!



My Fur Daughters:


Spunky Lil Pebbles

Spoiled House Mouse

5 lbs - Black & Tan spotted on white - smooth coat

Pebbles is out of Cinimin & Jax.  She is a social butterfly and loves to meet everyone.  She is my "daughter"...sleeps with me & goes where ever I go.  She has been able to go to work with me most of her life so of course if I am going out the door she is right there waiting to hop in the car with me.


Spunky Lil Clear Blue Skye

Spoiled House Mouse

3 lbs - Blue & Tan w/White - smooth coat

Skye is my "special" little girl.  She has lots of health issues but I LOVE her!  Everyone who comes to see puppies wants to sneak her out in their shirt.  She is a love bug.


Spunky Hollywood Starlet

Spoiled House Mouse

3 lbs
Fawn w/White markings - smooth coat

This beautiful girl is Skye's partner in crime.


CH Spunky Daisy Duke

Retired Mom & Grandma 

5 lbs - Fawn Sable - smooth coat

Daisy Duke is out of
Doodle & Jax.  She loves to chase the others when they are playing fetch & steal their toys when they aren't looking.  Daisy Duke is Spunkypaws first CHAMPION as of Oct 2008...achieved entirely in bred-by classes. She finished with 16 pts & 4 majors.