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 Welcome to Spunkypaws!!

Champion Mazzi & his uncle Pico are trash talkin'!!



Chihuahuas are the sweetest little dogs. Once you own a "chi", you're hooked for life!  They are kinda like potato chips....you can't have just one!!

I am a small, hobby breeder and occasionally have puppies available.  My main interest is breeding for possible show prospects for me...I love doing it all myself!  From putting together the best possible match for puppies that will adhere to the breed standard, to welcoming those little ones into the world, handling them from day one & watching them grow, then training them for the show ring, showing them, and earning a Championship title.  I love me some bred-by champions!!

Please contact me if you would like information on puppies.  I also re-home my retired breeders from time to time so let me know what you are looking for and I will see if I have someone that might just be a perfect fit.



"CH Spunky Daisy Duke"
Our First Bred-By CHAMPION 

 All of my dogs are AKC registered.  We have Long & Smooth Coat chihuahuas.  I breed for the 4-6 lb range.  Sometimes I get something a little smaller, sometimes a little larger. I can not stress enough...there is NO SUCH THING as a teacup chihuahua.  Of course you will see a range of sizes from 2 lbs to 10 lbs out there...but the breed standard says they should be under 6 lbs. Period.  There is no classifying something smaller or larger separately like you see in other breeds.    Because the term "teacup" does not apply to chihuahuas, when someone uses this description it is very confusing & subjective.  Some will say it's 2 lbs, some 4 lbs.  A person who has only owned large dogs will think a 6 lb is a teacup.  Some people are convinced they (or someone they know) had a teacup at one time or another because that is what the person they got it from told them.  That doesn't make it true.  Chihuahuas are just small dogs in the "Toy" category.



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 This is Spunky Paiging Dr Feelgood, "Doc", at the Rose City Classic dog show in Portland, January 2013.    He is 7 months old in this pic.


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